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Take the journey Address to your life! First Detox Meter with Wellness
Audit is being launched.
Find your address to
Life with LiiFii.

Take the journey Address to your life! First Detox Meter with Wellness Audit. Find your address to Life with LiiFii.

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About Us


Life in the fast lane is oscillating between HiFi and Wifi. In our bid to be the former, we are always connected to the latter chasing deadlines.

Doing so, we disconnect with our true self, and wander around. In the few moments of peace the quest to find someone, some place or a even a platform that could guide us to discover the true self haunts us.

This is where LiiFii , a one of its kind platform that not just lists, but rates every aspect of wellness (Services, Properties, Products and Places) after a thorough professional research by those who are qualified enough to give a professional verdict.

First online detox meter

We seek to bridge the divide between seekers and providers. This is done on the basis of a Wellness Audit, a unique concept that rates every information given out on that basis of a 25 point strict checklist that adheres to the latest industry norms.

The Wellness audit encompasses relevant facts, figures, analysis, necessary references and information about the services, places, products, individuals and communities. This is backed by reviews and rating of Users and Experts who put their scores on Liifii Detox Meter.


The property/service/product/individual/community will be listed once it passes the Detox meter yardsticks. Once through, they can get Sutra Super Premium, Sutra Premium, Premium and General category. Here a holistic destination or property or service or product gets ‘R-6 record’. It means promoting holistic destination or property or service or product through Report-Rating-Review-Response-Research- Reservation by Liifii.

LiiFii is promoted by Ayurved Sutra, the most credible source on science of life.


Ayurved Sutra is a fact perfect experiential journey. It is an engagement with one’s self in the light of collective wisdom of the east, abreast with latest and worthy scientific trends and researches.

Ayurved Sutra integrally gels the elements of a mainstream magazine with an experiential research journal.

It brings to you not only right information and advice but it guides you on the pathway of self unfoldment in a personalised way.

It’s simple, fresh and elegant, has an expert panel of more than 50 professionals of national and international repute and enjoys a great reputation among readers, experts and wellness industry.